Student Showcase

Featured Work

Justin (Fellow at Etsy)

Justin put a twist on the classic Rock Paper Scissors with some extras. Challenge the computer here!

Featured Work

Omaira (Intro Student at the Noble Triangle Program)

Omaira shared her love of BTS through creating a social media page with photos and links to their music! Check it out here!

Featured Work

Jasmine (Intro Student at the JOCHS Program)

Jasmine created her own Mario-themed adventure game! See what happens to Mario here!

Student Spotlight Archives:

Check out students’ work from across all 3 of our Code Nation regions!

Student Work: [Image 2] Enrique Tlatoa, Gael Luna, Gianny Castillo, and Jennifer Flores Alvarado , [Image 3] Judith Jatto, [Image 4] Kiarra, Sean, Cydney, Aakriti [Image 5] Blue Geisinger, [Image 6] Melissa Luis & Emily Rangel-Esquivel, [Image 7] Jasmine Chu, [Image 8] Kelsi Sumter, [Image 9] Itzel Sanchez, [Image 10] Andrew Foong

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