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Wondering what events are coming up in the Code Nation community?

Check out the our National Students Events calendar for a month by month break down for opportunities to engage with the Code Nation Community!

*Events are shown in Eastern Time. Region specific events will take place in the regional time zone NYC-EST, CHI-CST, and BAY-PST.

*To access RSVP links right click on the link and select “open in new tab”.

Calendar Key:
  • [NAT] = National Event open to the entire Code Nation Community
  • [Hello/Girl]= Hello/Girl Affinity Group Event
  • [Codi-go]= Latinx Student Affinity Group Event
  • [BAG]= Black Student Affinity Group Event
  • [AAPI]= AAPI Student Affinity Group Event
  • [NYC]= New York Regional Event
  • [CHI]= Chicago Regional Event
  • [BAY]= Bay Area Regional Event

*To add an event to your personal calendar click on the event and select “copy to my calendar”!

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