Chicago Updates: May

The end of the program year is quickly approaching…

…and what a long year it’s been! We’ve all experienced a lot during this pandemic and, despite everything, have shown up for each other and for our continued learning and growth. As you make your way to the finish line and complete your tests, projects, graduations, and more, we hope you take time to appreciate all the work you’ve done this year and to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. We’re excited to see your final projects and what you build next!    

Chicago YearbookWe’re creating a yearbook for our Chicago volunteers! Please take a few minutes to fill out this form and share what you’ve enjoyed from the year and how you want to thank the programmers who volunteered their time each week to support your learning. 
Upcoming Events & Summer Opportunities
Affinity Groups at Code Nation:
Young Alum Panel: Curious what students do after Code Nation? Want to learn how to use your coding skills as you apply to college and get a job? Join our Young Alum Panel on Thursday 5/20 at 5–6:30pm (Chicago)! We’ll have alums who are now in college and working in the field share their experiences. Sign up through this link! 
 Stay tuned for a virtual game night this summer! Each of our affinity groups will get together to play games and hang out in July. Details to come. Paid Summer Opportunities with Code NationEveryone Can Code: Code Nation has special seats in Everyone Can Code—A One Summer Chicago program—where you’ll develop an iOS app from scratch that solves a community problem and pitch that app in a community showcase at the end. July 5–Aug 13 • 20 hours/week 
Apply here by May 21!
Cool stuff other students are building!

Gizelle from Chicago built an awesome choose your own adventure story with two of her favorite characters. Click the link to interact with the characters and see how the choices you make impact the story! Nice work, Gizelle!


Here’s a project by Chicago’s Juan and Elijah — take the quiz to see what kind of movie you’d be in based on your age and how you feel! Great job using conditionals, Juan and Elijah! 
As always, please reach out if you have questions, concerns, or need any support. Have a great weekend! 

Program Manager Contact Information
Kelsey Hansen • • 224.284.8336
Ralphie Lega • • 224.488.0399
Aarti Monteiro • • 224.251.9551

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